Hi folks, nice to meet you. I am Klaudette (Claudia). Of course I love travelling. However, I am quite a pragmatic person and prefer to start my travels with enough information to optimize time and money. So this blog is made with the main purpose of helping people like us and give them some tips based on our travel experiences; hope it helps!  

Do ask if you have questions on some of the destinations in this blog!

Hello!!! I am Valentina, I am a Mechanical Engineer, I love travelling, learning and speaking foreign languages and doing sports (swimming, scuba diving, dancing, skiing)! I visited Western Europe with my family and then, during the High School summer vacations, I had the chance to travel all around the world thanks to the Lions Youth Exchange Programme. During the University period I had to stop travelling for several reasons, but then, when I was preparing my thesis, I met my travel mate (K.) and since then we do travel together! Follow us...we could give you some useful tips!

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